Bottelinos Deli

Bottelinos Deli

Food and Grocery Web Shop

Commercial web project based on ASP.NET 2.0 is web shop where any user from UK can buy delicious food, drinks and groceries. Web project has 2 user security role types: customer and administrator. Customer is any client that has made an order. Customer can manage his delivery addresses, view/edit personal information, view previous orders.

Administrator is responsible for managing products, discounting coupons and also able to create/modify customers list and their personal data, create/modify product categories/subcategories, view different reports, releasing news. As payment system – “WorldPay” was used.

Responsibilities: Distributed team (of 4 developers) coordination: involving new programmers to project development, job distribution, consulting with customer. Implemented website functionality from html template. Database design, stored procedures coding. I was also involved into testing, debugging, maintenance and system support. Scrum methodology was followed for this project development.

Technologies: MS Visual Studio 2008, MS SQL 2005, MS .Net Framework 3.5, C# 3.5, ADO.NET, LINQ to SQL, ASP.NET Ajax, CSS, HTML, Sybase Power Designer, TinyMCE. Integration with WorldPay UK payment system
Role: Developer
Client: Chilli Mint Labs Ltd, United Kingdom
Dates: 2009