Personal Ringing Back Tone service

System to change and customize standard ringing back tones to different melodies or voice records. Our part of project consisted of 3 components. Web applications for system operators to administrate and configure service and web application for cellular network users that allows them to setup their ringing back tones by uploading their own records, customize accordingly to some schedule, phone numbers or events, see billing reports.

The third web application is for media content providers – which allowed them to upload media files, categorize content, setup pricing, see detailed financial reports and statistics.

Next part is real-time service based on stored procedures. Real-time service was used to determine customer from outgoing call phone number, and retrieve a personalized ringing back tone. The other purpose of real service was to handle billing events, gathering statistics. Web applications were built on ASP.NET 1.1 platform, C# 1.0. As database storage Oracle 9g version was used. Real time service logic was developed using PL/SQL statements and stored procedures.

Responsibilities: Communications with customer and project management, tasks estimation, participation in system and DB architecture design, coding (C# and PL/SQL as well). Writing technical and functional specifications. I had a business trip to customer end (to Czech republic) where I did presentation of the project.

Technologies: MS Visual Studio 2003, Oracle 9g. MS .Net Framework 1.1, C# 1.0, ASP.NET, CSS, HTML
Role: Lead Developer (team of 3 developers)
Client: SITRONICS Telecom Solutions Czech Republic
Dates: 2007 - 2009