Voice File Management and Audit

Voice File Management and Audit

Service that is used by call-centres of cellular service operators to manage voice recorded messages between customers and operators and to audit their work

Solution is represented by several applications to store, manage and processing data and files (voice recorded messages). Complexity of this solution is in high system requirements to developed software, DB and file system. Over 20 thousand messages are recorded and processed daily. Average message size over 1 Mb.
Follow-up optimization of DB was performed when messages count reached 20 millions records. Files and data processing is performed by windows service.

Web interface consists of 3 applications:
- Voice Server Config – Service tuning and administrating to access voice servers.
- Voice File Management – access to new and archived voice messages, their processing (estimating, control, short audit) by auditors and super visors.
- Audit – follow-up more detailed audit to monitor call-center operator’s work based on estimated messages, customer complaints, remarks and etc. Scheduling planed events – such as meetings, operator’s trainings.

Responsibilities: Database design, coding, defects tracking, performance optimization, testing, technical documentation. Scrum development methodology was followed there. Every week we had a general meeting to discuss current tasks with customer and hear his feedback.

Technologies: MS Visual Studio 2003, MS SQL 2000, MS .Net Framework 1.1, C# 1.1, ASP.NET, CSS, HTML.
Role: Lead developer
Client: SITRONICS Telecom Solutions Czech Republic
Dates: 2007 - 2009